Welcome to Eagle's Ranch

Red Barn
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Preschool Graduation Ceremony
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Forest Hike

This will become home for 28 young male survivors of sex trafficking, where they can learn what it means to be free, to relax and be children, to make friends and discover who God created them to be. 

On an expansive 30+ acres we will have 7 cottages, designed to house 4 boys each and a house mother/parents. They will each have their own bedroom and shared bathrooms, a living space to relax together and dining space to eat as a family. 

For their spiritual growth we will have a chapel where there will be worship, bible studies and more. Our program is Christ centered, so that is where we will begin.

In our therapy center, each child will be provided with one-on-one counseling to help meet their individual needs. They will also engage in group therapies to enhance their ability to learn healthy coping skills and relationship building.

We will have a clinic on campus where they can receive general medical care. We will also have a dentist available to provide routine dental cleanings and fillings. Any form of specialty care will be taken care of off campus.

Animals can be very therapeutic, therefore we will have smaller farm animals, in a fenced in area, to help the children learn simple responsibilities, enjoy their company, and more.


A school building will also be on campus, as we would like to provide them with a private education. Trauma can cause developmental delays in some children therefore we would like to teach in an environment free of pressure and judgement

Teaching them carpentry, will not only be a form of therapy, but it will be a lot of fun and could teach them a skill they use later in life. We will have a wood shop where our Survivor Leader Samson will lead the boys in learning carpentry skills.

For those not so sunny days, we will have an indoor recreational facility where sports of all kinds can be played. Activity like this is very healthy for growing boys and a wonderful way to exert energy. 

For administrative purposes, to house a security officer and a nurse, we will have an administrative building where the day to day work will be done to ensure the safety of every child! 


And last, but certainly not least will be all of the extra additions to our campus, such as ponds, gardens, picnic areas, playgrounds, park benches for outdoor seating, and walking trails. We want to help them be able to feel at home in their surroundings and enjoy the beautiful landscape that God created. 

Help us reach our goals so we can turn God's vision into a reality!