We believe in the power of prayer! As a Christian organization we gather in the name of Christ to seek His will, guidance, and provision. All matters, large and small, are brought before our Lord in prayer, that He may direct our path and complete His purpose through this ministry. Please join us on this journey, praying for lives to be freed and forever changed by His amazing grace.

Holding Hands


Survivor Group Sessions

As we grow, we want to broaden our scope to include adult male survivors that have experienced the trauma of sexual exploitation and trafficking earlier in life. Those who are
continuing to heal from their experiences and/or are coming forward for the first time to release this burden, can find a newfound freedom in life through the support and encouragement of other survivors.

Residential Housing Complex


This multi-home campus will serve as the base for radical renewal in the lives of boys aged 8-17 years old. We will focus on all aspects of holistic healing, including their spiritual, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Through these specialized programs we seek to help these precious children become all that God created them to be. Check out this link below to learn mmore about Eagle's Ranch.

Learn to Read


For hearts to be stirred to action we must first be aware of what is happening! Educational opportunities throughout our local communities will be offered in order to share the startling statistics of juvenile sex trafficking and present the need for these services. Continual training will be offered
to those interested in seeking greater involvement within the organization. Feel free to contact us for further information to set up an awareness event at your location.