Renewed Strength Ministries is URGENTLY seeking YOUR support in order to build a multi-home campus for 28 sexually exploited and trafficked boys. They desperately need our help! God has called us to protect these children, and with YOUR help we can accomplish His work. We will be able to sustain a long-lasting program because of YOUR kindness and generosity. 

Your generous donations will help pay for​

- Bringing Awareness to our Communities 

-A safe environment for these young survivors to live

- Private Education

- Counseling and therapy services

-All living expenses (food, clothing, toiletries, etc...)

- Recreational activities
- And more…


Our prayer is to have land, construction materials, and labor donated. If we have to purchase, then these would be our goals. 

1st Goal  - $250,000 for Purchase of 30+ acres of Land (includes preparation of land)

2nd Goal - $2,000,000 for Building 15 structures

(includes 7 homes, Admin building, School, Chapel, Wood Shop, Clinic

Recreational Building, Therapy Center, and More)

3rd Goal - $750,000 for 3+ years of Programming (includes living expenses, etc from above)

4th Goal - Continued Support for Long Term Sustainability

All in all, we have a large goal to meet, but we serve a BIG God and we know He is leading the way!

With YOUR support we will be able to open this campus sooner than later!


Your gift will change the lives of many!